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Syma X15W Hover WiFi FPV Camera 2.4G 6-axis Gyro RC Drone Quadcopter Ready to Fly (Blue)

  • Syma X15W Hover WiFi FPV Camera 2.4G 6-axis Gyro RC Drone Quadcopter Ready to Fly (Blue)
Item# 56H-X15W-WIFI-Blue

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Sale price: $39.95


Another exciting release from Syma RC, intoducing it's latest X15W Quadcopter! If you are familiar with the X5 series of quadcopters, the new X15W is its enhanced sleek and slim race version. Lighter, sleeker, and faster is what the new design is all about!

With the use of 2.4ghz technology the Syma X15W radio system has the benefit of longer control distance, strong anti-interference technology, low power consumption, and rapid response times. Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption. you could fly more helicopters at the same time, its reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control.

Now equipped with Headless and Hover Mode! The headless mode features means that once this mode is activated, pulling the direction of the stick back towards you will bring your aircraft back home to you no matter is orientation, front, back, or side. This makes flying back to yourself when you lose sight of it much easier. The hover mode allows the quadcopter to hover in one spot allowing the flight control to take over and achieve altitude hold. Now you don't have to keep adjusting throttle as much while you are recording or flying smoothly.

Another special feature of the X15W is the new push button take off and landing features. With a push of a button the quad will perform a smooth take off or landing without touching any of the joystick controls.

The Wifi Feature allows the user to connect to their mobile device with the Syma Go app. This allows the pilot to control on-board features and recording functions such as video, picture, and even flight controls. True FPV function is achieved by using the mobile device as a monitor while using the transmitter joystick as the flight controls.

Features "gravity control mode" which allows you to tilt your device to control the forward/backward, and side to side flight of the unit. Also comes with waypoint control, simply go to the "Syma Go" app. Select the waypoint control function. Simply draw a route on the screen with your fingertip, and the Syma X15W will then move in that direction automatically.

After entering into the waypoint function control mode, press the start button on left to increase the throttle, and let the aircraft station at a certain altitude,then draw a route on right side of the screen, the Syma X15W will fly automatically accordingly to the route.

Equiped with low battery warning and over current proctection
1. Low Battery Protection: When the indicator lights are flashing, it means Syma X15W is in low battery. At this time, please return Syma X15W to home with your controller. If the battery is insufficient for returning home, Syma X15W will be landed automatically.

2. Overcurrent Protection: When the propeller of the Syma X15W is being blocked/jammed while in flight, the over-current function will automatically stop the propellor from further spinning to protect damage to the drone.

Please pay attention on the safety of using the Apps Control with your device. Please press "STOP" immediately for any emergency to avoid any dangerous. Please switch off the remote controller while you are using your device as the controller.



  1. Frequency: 2.4G
    Controlling distance: About 70 meters
  2. Battery: 3.7V 450mAh Li-ion(included)
  3. Flying time: About 7.5 minutes
  4. Wifi Camera : Photos/Video(1 MEGA)
  5. Charging time: About 100 minutes
  6. Product Size: 22 X 22 X 5 cm
  7. Transmitter Battery: 4"AA" batteries(not included)


The following items can be found in this product package:
- Aircraft
- Mobile Phone Retaining Clip
- Remote Control
- Main Blade
- USB Charger
- Instruction Manual
- Battery

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