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CellDIAG X6.5 Digital Battery Voltage Meter for Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-Fe batteries

CellDIAG X6.5 Digital Battery Voltage Meter for Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-Fe batteries
Item# 88E-AECD021-X65-CellDIAG

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CellDIAG X6.5 is the upgraded version of CellDIAG X6 and CellDIAG X4. We develop new functions on the basis of X6. 

1. Able to measure the battery pack voltage for 1-6 cells Li-Po/ Li-Ion/ Li-Fe batteries with balance charging port.
2. Able to measure the other types of battery pack voltage for 1-25V 

Working Temperature Range: -20℃ to 50℃
Weight:  21g
Dimension: 33 x 69 x 11mm

1.Electrical energy strip indicator
2.Battery health analysis
3.Small, light and ultra-portable with backlight.
4.High voltage resolution with +/-0.01V (10mv) ; High precision, not less than +/-2% accuracy.
5.Able to direct observe the battery pack balancing condition efficiently.
6.Able to record the minimum voltage during the flight.
7.Voltage measurement trimming.
8.Reverse connection protection
9.Backlit Display

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