Gens Ace Lipo Battery Hard Case 7000mAh 2 Cells 50c

Gens Ace Lipo Battery Hard Case 7000mAh 2 Cells 50c
Item# 98P-50C-7000-2S1P-Hardcase

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code 98P-50C-7000-2S1P-Hardcase
Weight (g) 310
capacity (mAh) 7000
max cont discharge rate ( C) 50
max burst discharge rate ( C) 100
max cont current (Amp) 350
max burst current (Amp)? 700
Series (S)? Parallel (P) 2S1P
Length(mm) 138.5
width (mm)? 46.37
Thickness(mm)? 24.88
Wire Gauge? 12
balance connector type JST XH
connector type N/A
Vol. Gap <0.01V
IR(mohm) <20mohm
Wire length(C/D) 45MM/100mm

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