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Exceed Racing Fibgerglass Imax Saga Catamaran 26CC Gas Powered ARTR Boat

Exceed Racing Fibgerglass Imax Saga Catamaran 26CC Gas Powered ARTR Boat
Item# 99B-12014-SAGA-1400-DR260-ARTR

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Speed across the water with your high performance Imax Saga catamaran radio control boat! This extremely detailed boat stretches almost 57 inches in length. It is powered by a high performance 26cc 2 stroke water-cooled engine. The tuned pipe efficiently expels burnt up gasses enhancing horse power and sounds awesome too. Water cooling systems are implemented into the boats design to keep the 2 stroke engine and exhaust manifold cool when operating in extreme conditions. The flex shaft drive shaft allows for an adjustable driveline and prop angle allowing the captain to make fine adjustments for water conditions of that day. Whether the water is choppy and bumpy or smooth like glass, this boat is ready to cut and glide through like a hot knife through butter.
The Imax Saga catamaran is constructed of hand laid fiberglass providing rigidity and light weight. The bottom of the hull is strategically designed to increase speed and cornering. Beautiful multi stage paintwork covers the entire boat allowing it to shine and reflect off of the water. The CNC cut aluminum strut, rudder, and propeller are mounted with stainless hardware that shines beautifully. Everything about this boat is simply stunning from a static standpoint and also in motion.
The boat comes almost ready to run. This means the engine, tuned pipe, fuel tank, and servo for the rudder is installed. Everything is ready to accept the radio system of your choice. The radio box that houses the electronics is sealed in a plexi-glass housing secured by thumb screws, preventing water and moisture from getting in. The Imax Saga catamaran amazed us when we first laid eyes on it. It gets even better when you fire it up and start smashing through wakes.

Beam: 380mm (15in)
Hull length: 1440mm (56.6in)
Height: 250mm (9.8in)
Weight: 6800g (15lbs)
Speed: 35mph
Hull type: Hand-laid Fiberglass Catamaran
Engine: DR260PUM water-cooled 26cc with Tuned Pipe
Propeller: Aluminum D70 * P1.2 or D68.5*P1.4? 2-blade
Driveline: Flexble-drive Adjustable drive line
Hardware: CNC aluminum strut and rudders

Required to Run:
2 Channel Radio Receiver and Transmitter system
6 Volt Battery to power your receiver and electronics
91+ Octane Gasoline mixed with 2 stroke oil

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