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New Exceed Racing Fiberglass Gas Powered RC 1300mm Speed Boat Kit Version (Kit)

  • New Exceed Racing Fiberglass Gas Powered RC 1300mm Speed Boat Kit Version (Kit)
Item# 99B-12017-1300-Gas-KIT

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Sale price: $389.00


Speed across the water with your RC High Performance NEW DESIGN SPEED BOAT! Everybody who sees this 51" monster is literally blown away by the sheer size of this boat as well as the quality of its amazing paint work. Everything about this boat is simply stunning even before you put it in the water. It is constructed by hand using light weight and super strong epoxy resin Fiberglass Vee to increase speed and improve handling and stability, and then factory painted to the highest standard.

The boat comes complete with a strong plywood stand making starting easy.
That is what everybody says as soon as they see this missile. This boat has been a huge success in races seen literally all over the world. It is jaw dropping good looking and has blown everything away in the water.

Engine, Electronics and Muffler are Not Included in KIT Package! For illustration purpose ONLY!!


Length: 1300mm
Beam:   320mm
Weight (ready to run):   6500g
Propeller:  D70*P1.2 or D68.5*P1.4  2-blade
Hull type: Fiberglass Vee
Driveline: Flexble-drive
Hardware:   CNC aluminum strut and rudders and Tune-pipe

Radio (Required):       2 channel, 2 servo
Engine (Required) :  QJ260PUM w/o clutch
Fuel (Required):  Gasoline ( 2-cycle engine oil )

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