EZRUN Brushless Power System Combo C2 w/ 80A ESC, 19T 3674SL Brushless Motor For 1/8 Car (Combo)

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EZRUN Series Brushless Power System For 1/8 Car (Combo)


1.  User Manual Of The ESC                          2.  User Manual Of The Program Card 


Program Card for Car ESC



1   The Combo Incluedes:


1.1 Speed Controller (ESC): EZRUN-150A-SD or EZRUN-80A-SD, 1pcs.
1.2 Motor: EZRUN-4465SL or EZRUN-3674SL or EZRUN-3665SL, 1pcs.
                     The motor heat sink and the cooling fan are included.
1.3 Motor Pinion: 1pcs.
1.4 Program Card: 1pcs.
1.5 Other Accessories: Double-side gummy tape, Screws for fixing  the ESC, Heat-shrink tubings, Logo labels, etc.

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2   Suggestion Of  The Power System


Gear Rate  

Power System Suggestion 

Main Application 


For 4 cells Lipo: 12-19
For 6 cells Lipo: 15-21

EZRUN-4465SL Motor
32 Pitch 19T Pinion 
4-6 Cells Lipo Battery

1:8 Monster, Crazy powerful


1:8 Off-Road: 10-15.5
1:8 Monster: 13-21

EZRUN-3674SL Motor
32 Pitch 21T Pinion
4 Cells Lipo Battery

1:8 Monster, Very powerful


 1:8 Off-Road: 10-15.5
1:8 Monster: 13-21

EZRUN-3674SL Motor
32 Pitch, 19T Pinion
3-4 Cells Lipo Battery

1:8 Monster, Normal powerful
Suitable for sportful and RTR


1:8 Off-Road: 9.5-16
1:8 Monster: 16-21

EZRUN-3665SL Motor
M1-13T Pinion
3-4 Cells Lipo Battery

1:8 EP Off-Road
1:8 Nitro-Powered Off-Road convert to

3  Test Video 

3.1  Combo-C2 test video:  (Traxxas nitro-powered REVO converts to electric -powered)
3.2  Combo-C4 test video:  (Traxxas brushed E-REVO converts to brushless)
4  Pictures Of The Power System 
The following pictures show an EZRUN-150A-SD ESC and EZRUN-4465SL(KV=2000) Motor installed on a TraxxasTM  E-REVO.
The following pictures show an EZRUN-80A-SD ESC and EZRUN-3674SL(KV=2350) Motor installed on a TraxxasTM  E-MAXX.

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