Novatech High Speed HSP Brushless Electric 70A ESC for Electric Cars, Buggies,Trucks

Novatech High Speed HSP Brushless Electric 70A ESC for Electric Cars, Buggies,Trucks
Item# 03303-NovaTechESC-70A

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HSP Brushless ESC 70A

This high precision brushless ESC is a sensitive electronic device. To extend its excellent performance, we strangely recommend you to use the motor with the suitably measured

KV value. Superb radio response depends on good co-operated of motor and ESC. It is most likely to damage your ESC in case you use an extra high KV measured motor. On

the other hand, operators are required to take a close test to you ESC with equipped to a low gear ratio vehicle.


  1. Output: A- Suitable for the motor, 540S(36*50), less than 5000KV(1/10 on road electric car)
  2.              B-Suitable for the motor, 540S (36*50), less than 4000KV(1/10 on road electric buggy)  
  3.              C-Suitable for the motor, 540S (36*50), less than 3500KV(1/10 on road electric truck)  
  4. FET: TO252, three in parallel connection, 225A( each 75A in 25C), 150A(each 50A in 100C) this data is for reference under best condition.
  5. BEC:5V 1A
  6. Temperature Protection: cutoff when temperature over 98(+/-3-5 centigrade)
  7. Max Output: 540W/60sec
  8. Dimension:45mm*55mm825mm, 90g

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