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Associated Nitro TC3 Plus R/C RTR Car (RC)

Associated Nitro TC3 Plus R/C RTR Car (RC)
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Associated Nitro TC3 Plus R/C RTR Car (RC)

Associated Nitro TC3 Plus R/C RTR Car (RC) Team Associated's popular Nitro TC3 Ready-to-Run, winner of Radio Control Car Action's 2003 "Reader's Choice" award, has been updated with even more of the features you've been asking for.

We upgraded to a more powerful .15 size engine, added a new design "Sure Shift" 2-speed transmission for better acceleration and higher top speed, and redesigned the rear suspension components for more strength and tunability.

Team Associated felt the Nitro TC3 Plus should look as good as it runs, so they included chrome 8-spoke wheels, and topped it off with a Pro-Line "Crowd Pleazer" body with new, modern sport-compact style graphics.

To make the Nitro TC3 Plus an even better value, Team Associated has added a free quick-fill Nitro fuel filler bottle and a rechargeable glow igniter right in the box! Of course, the NTC3 Plus is fully upgradeable with an extensive line of Factory Team performance components. And no other RC manufacturer beats Team Associated's widespread replacement parts availability.

"Well, the NTC3 RTR Plus does very well in open racing but, in the pull start class, it's always there putting down a challenge it often wins. This is a solid performer and is 'highly recommended'—it should be on any short list for RTR nitro touring purchase." — Racing Lines November 2006
  • Jaguar 2-ch pistol-grip radio with two S1903 servos
  • Allen wrench set
  • Camber/Toe-in gauge
  • Molded Tool set
  • Rechargeable glow igniter
  • Fuel bottle
  • RTR NTC3

    REQUIRES: Twelve AA size batteries, fuel with at least 16% lubricant content and 5-15% nitromethane content, building and field equipment.
  • The Nitro TC3 started with the basic proven drive train of the TC3, modified and strengthened to handle the power of today's nitro engines. A solid aluminum "floating" driveshaft connects the front and rear gearboxes. An all-new suspension was designed to offer the the full range of adjustments; caster, camber, and toe-in, yet be very user-friendly and easy to build using our supplied "setup gauge."

    Of course, everybody wants a two-speed in their nitro sedan, and the TC3 includes a new two-shoe (clutch-type) externally adjustable two speed that solved the common problems of reliability and "floating" shift points found on "finger" type two-speeds. Optional gears offer a wide range of usable ratios for tuning to any size race track. Kimbrough spur gears are also used.

    The Nitro TC3's brakes also represent a giant leap forward. Team Associated looked to the full-size race car teams for a brake pad material that would provide consistent, fade-free braking, and a floating carbon-steel rotor for durability.

    The Nitro TC3 is the only nitro touring car that accommodates either pull-start, side exhaust, or rear-exhaust engines, both slide-valve or rotary carburetors, and your choice of flat-pack, hump-pack or dry-cell receiver battery configurations. So no matter what your power preferences are, the Nitro TC3 can handle them.

    The Nitro TC3 feature a revised rear suspension (dubbed "ver. 2") with many benefits. In the previous version of the rear suspension, if your car was hit hard in the rear, sometimes the toe links would pop off or the turnbuckles would move in the ball cups. This new setup eliminates the rear toe links.

    Attaching the turnbuckles to the hubs and tower by screws strengthens the setup, and provides a wider range of adjustments. The previous design only had two positions for the upper arm. Now there are three positions and the hub carrier upper ball joint can be adjusted vertically.

    The use of the lower pivot balls on the hub means toe and track are adjusted by one or both of the pivot balls. Roll center is adjusted by a vertical ballstud on top of the rear hubs. Camber is adjusted by a turnbuckle. You can now use the blade type roll bars on the rear suspension in addition to the front.

    • Length: 15" (381mm)
    • Width: 7.75” (192mm)
    • Wheelbase: 10.25" (260mm)
    • Height: 4.25" (118mm)
    • Track/Front & Rear: 7.9" (200mm)
    • Engine: High Performance .15X ABC pullstart
    • Exhaust: Side manifold and pipe
    • Chassis: Blue aluminum 2.5mm thick
    • Drive: Four wheel, aluminum shaft drive
    • Clutch: Two-shoe
    • Transmission: Two-speed
    • Shocks: Four oil-filled, composite body
    • Spur Gear: 54 tooth
    • Brakes: Single pad
    • Tires: V-tread with foam inserts pre-glued 2.5" (63mm)diameter, 1" (25mm) wide
    • Wheels: Chrome, 8 spoke 2" (51mm) diameter, 1" (25mm) wide
    • Receiver Compartment: Enclosed
    • Exhaust: Side configuration with manifold and tuned pipe
    • Bumper: Foam front
    • Steering: Swing-Rack type with servo saver
    • Radio: Pistol grip w/throttle ATV

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