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Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 1/10 2.4G RTR Sedan w/Accessories

Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 1/10 2.4G RTR Sedan w/Accessories

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This is a Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 1:10 Scale 4WD On-Road Sedan. It’s the fastest and most-powerful Ready-To-Race model ever created. Combine the Extreme Power of the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine with an asphalt-hugging, lightweight chassis, and a raging fury of wickedly fast acceleration and supersonic speed is unleashed. Peg the throttle and all four tires claw for traction as Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 re-writes the record books and breaks through the 70mph barrier. In the asphalt jungle, Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 is the reigning king.

This version of the Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 is equipped with the all-new Traxxas TQi radio system with Docking Base that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a powerful tuning tool. The device display combines with the Traxxas Link App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that optimizes your radio system for ultimate vehicle control. Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models - just switch on and drive. This powerful App gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of theNitro 4-Tec 3.3 with an intuitive, high definition graphical user interface. Once you have created the perfect control settings for your model, you can save them as a profile to restore later, use on another model, or share with friends. Factory installed Traxxas Link telemetry sensors transmit real-time data including speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage with stunning visuals. TQi Docking Base is compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S and 2nd/3rd/4th generation iPod touch.

Quick Features:

• NEW TQi 2.4GHz Transmitter with Docking Base

• NEW Factory Installed Telemetry Sensors

• TRX 3.3 Racing Engine

• Resonator Blue-Anodized Aluminum Tuned Pipe

• Precision Hex Hardware Throughout

• Amazing New ProGraphix High-Tech Painted Body Graphics

• Ball Bearing Bellcranks

• Gray Chassis and Suspension Components

• New Enclosed Receiver Box

• White Powder Coated Springs

• Widened Rear Belt and Larger Pulleys

Extreme Power for Expert Drivers:

Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 is not for everyone. This product is capable of extreme speed and acceleration! It carries our highest skill level rating (5) and is intended for expert drivers only. Experience with nitro-powered radio controlled models is required. The driver must exercise all caution and accept full responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of others nearby. Full-speed operation requires a large running area free of obstacles and closed-off to pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Blink and You'll Miss It:

Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 didn’t take any shortcuts to the top. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine delivers peak horsepower with a factory-installed performance-tuned aluminum pipe that’s been beautifully blue-anodized and laser etched. New precision hex hardware adds high-tech flair and makes servicing easy. The new ball-bearing equipped bellcrank steering system tightens the response for expert handling. The efficient 3-belt drive system has been enhanced for the extra speed and power with larger pulleys and a wider rear belt.

Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz Radio System:

• TQi 2.4GHz High Output Transmitter

• TQi Docking Base

• Factory Installed Speed, RPM, and Temperature Telemetry Sensors

• Automatically Stores and Loads Settings for Up to 30 Traxxas Link-Enabled Models

• Multi-Function Knob

• Adjustable Steering and Throttle Dual Rates

• Adjustable Steering and Throttle Exponential

• Adjustable Steering and Throttle End Points

• High 13ms Frame Rate and Near-Zero Latency for Responsive Control

• Docking Base Accepts iPhone and iPod Touch (Sold Separately) for Full Traxxas Link Application Functionality

• TQi 2.4GHz 5-Channel Micro Receiver with Fail-Safe Security and Integrated Telemetry Ports

Powerful New Look:

Nitro 4-Tec has hot new look with complex, innovative body graphics that reflect the style and speed of the underlying chassis. New grey parts and white powder-coated springs brighten the chassis and make it easier to appreciate the detailed engineering that makes it all work. The 2.0 Mesh wheels offer classic styling that withstands the test of time. Of course, the most exciting appearance feature is the sight of the giant TRX 3.3 machined cooling head thrusting itself above the body. The look of power is unmistakable.


Only Traxxas makes it possible to experience this kind of world-class horsepower and breathtaking top speed right out of the box with no downside. Nitro 4-Tec is a complete package that is fully assembled and Ready-To-Race with an installed, high-power pistol-grip radio system. The body is painted with incredible new graphics and the tires are pre-glued with hard foam inserts. Even the decals are applied.

The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine has the convenience of Traxxas EZ-Start push-button electric starting. It includes built-in diagnostics to monitor your glow plug condition and starting functions. There’s no easier way to start an engine.

TRX 3.3 Racing Engine:

The TRX 3.3 produces an extreme 60% more peak horsepower compared to the TRX 2.5! The overall power under the curve is nearly 50% greater to deliver the smooth, linear power output TRX engines are famous for. The TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is equipped with EZ-Start push-button electric starting and simple, reliable tuning from the two-needle composite slide carburetor. The easy-revving broad powerband pushes Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 well beyond 70mph!

EZ-Start Electric Starting:

Only the Traxxas EZ-Start offers the pure convenience of true one-handed operation and complete on-board, push-button electric starting. The Traxxas EZ-Start lights your glow plug and starts your engine quickly and smoothly at the push of a button. Traxxas’ exclusive Smart Start technology monitors critical starting functions, automatically sensing and diagnosing potential problems for trouble-free engine starting every time! LEDs provide realtime status, even alerting you when a glow plug has failed.


• TRX 3.3 Racing Engine

• 60% More Peak Horsepower Than the TRX 2.5

• Bigger Piston and Sleeve Delivers Extreme Power

• Consistent and Smooth Throughout the Entire Power Band

• 70+ MPH Top Speed

• Resonator Laser-Etched, Blue-Anodized Aluminum Tuned Pipe

• Precision Metric Hex Hardware Throughout

• New ProGraphix Body Graphics Available in Red, Blue, White and Black*

• Ultra-Precise Ball Bearing Bellcranks

• Gray Molded Chassis Components and Shock Bodies

• Enclosed Receiver Box Protects the Receiver From Dirt and Fuel Spills

• Widened Rear Belt and Larger Pulleys

• Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings Throughout

• Blue-Anodized Aluminum Antenna Crimp Nut

• Three-Belt All-Wheel-Drive System

• Adjustable 2-Speed Auto-Shifting Transmission

• 200mm Wide with Ultra-Low Center of Gravity (CG)

• Fuel Tank is Centrally Mounted for Superior Balance

• 2.0 Inch Nylon Mesh Wwheels with Bright, Aluminum Finish

• Pre-Glued Racing Tires with Contoured Inserts

• Reactive Caster Capability and Adjustable Caster Angle

• Full Turnbuckles

• Adjustable Ride Height

• Fully-Countersunk Aluminum Chassis

• Engine and Engine Mount are Structurally Integrated

• Front Upper and Lower Suspension Arms

• Planetary Gear Differentials with Bearing-Supported Shafts


• Length: 17 Inches (432mm)

• Front Track: 7.64 Inches (194mm)

• Rear Track: 7.8 Inches (198mm)

• Weight w/4 AA Batteries (No Fuel): 65.25oz (4.08 Pounds)

• Height (Overall): 4.38 Inches (111mm)

• Wheelbase: 10.16 Inches (258mm)

• Front and Rear Shock Length: Short

• Front and Rear Tires: Pre-Glued with Contoured Inserts

• Front and Rear Wheels: 2.0 Inch Nylon Mesh

• Gear Ratio (1st Gear): 3.00

• Gear Ratio (2nd Gear): 2.16

• Steering: Bellcrank

• Transmission: Auto Two-Speed

• Differential Type: Planetary

• Drive System: Belt-Driven AWD

• Chassis Type: 2.5mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum

• Radio System: Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz (2-Channel) w/Docking Base

• Engine (Fuel-Powered): TRX 3.3 Racing Engine w/EZ-Start

• Brake Type: Disc

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 75cc

• Top Speed: 70+ MPH

• Traxxas Skill Level: 5

What's Included:

• Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 with TQi Radio and Docking Base

• Installed Telemetry Sensors

• TRX 3.3 Engine w/EZ-Start

• ProGraphix Painted Body*

• Air Filter Oil, Setup and Tuning DVD and Instructions

• EZ-Start Battery and Charger, Glow Plug, Fuel Bottle and Tools

Items Required, But Not Included:

• 8 'AA' Batteries for Transmitter and Receiver

• 10% to 20% Nitro Car Fuel

*Available in four different body colors. Colors may vary. Unable to guarantee specific color

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