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USB VRC RC Car Model Simulator

USB VRC RC Car Model Simulator
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USB RC Car Model Simulator - complete package with FREE downloadable software - works with windows XP-Vista

You can play all Virtual RC games with it and all other racing sims. Perfect to practice your drifting skills at home!

How it works:

1)Connect the r/c receiver to the USB simulator.  The RC Receiver is found in every remote controlled car! so just take out the one from your car!

2)Plug in the USB Simulator to the computer

3)Download and install the FREE version of Virtual RC Racing onto your PC

4)Start practicing with your favorite radio transmitter (crystal frequency must be same as the r/c receiver so your transmitter can send signal to the rc receiver)

Simply put, every remote controlled car has a transmitter and a receiver.  Basically you take out the receiver from your r/c car and connect it to the USB Car simulator.  Then plug the USB car simulator into your computer and install the software.  After that, you can start practicing with the same transmitter as your rc car!!! Very easy!!! Learn how to drift and turn and in no time you'll be the next Jeff Gordon of R/C Car Racing!!!

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