Super capacitors module for xerun series car esc

Super capacitors module for xerun series car esc
Item# 07E-ESC-Super-Capacitor

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Super Capacitors Module for "Xerun" Series Car ESC


1   Specification

1.1 Capacity: 330uF*4. 
1.2 Voltage: 16V.
1.3 Impedance:  0.002 ohm
1.4 Ripple Current Endurance:  24 Amp
1.5 Size:  42mm(L) * 10mm(W) * 15mm(H).
1.6 Suitable ESC:  Xerun series Car  ESC
2   Features
 Super low impedance, low heat emition, the start can be more powerful.
     Compared with the capacitors module of a world-famous car ESC  



The world-famous brand


 0.002 ohm

0.012 ohm

Ripple current endurance 

 24 Amp

3.5 Amp

 With its excellent "Ripple Current Endurance", the interference caused by the quick switch on/off of the MOSFETs is observably decreased, so the power supply system  can be more pure, and the whole brushless system is more steady.
 Small size and light weight to make the installation more convenient.

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