Tech One RC 3 Channel Neptune RC Plane Almost Ready to Fly 588mm Wingspan (Black) RC Remote Control Radio

  • Tech One RC 3 Channel Neptune RC Plane Almost Ready to Fly 588mm Wingspan (Black) RC Remote Control Radio
Item# 02A-705-Mini-Neptune-ARF-Black

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TechOne has produced a mini version of its highly successful Neptune flying wing! This sleek designed wing is shrunk down to a 23.2 inch wingspan. The TechOne MS Series MS1306 3100KV motor throws a GWS 4.5x4 prop and pushes this plane to some very respectable speeds. The plane is made entirely of EPO foam. Its flying weight with the appropriate 7.4v lithium battery is approximately 100-130 grams, which is almost 5 times lighter than its larger brother! Two 2.5gram micro servos are included in the almost ready to fly version and regulate the control surfaces with authority. The entire wing length only measures 340mm.?

The Neptune is an awesome flying wing that shows through from its static display to aerial performance. The EPO is extremely durable and provides a good balance of strength and lightweight incase of a mishap. While the brushless motor does an awesome job propelling this plane to crazy maneuvers.

Nano flying is a new developed series from TechOne Hobby. It inherits all excellent flying performance of big sized planes, but it?s easier to take and assemble due to its small size, this superior character will give you whole new flying experience. 

Easy to fly, beautiful design, and simple maintenance is always the TechOne aim for perfection.

Product Specifications: 
Fuselage length: 340mm ( 13.4 in.) 
Wingspan: 588mm ( 23.2 in.) 
Flying Weight: 100-130g ( with battery ) 
Motor:  MS1306 KV 3100 Outrunner Brushless 
ESC: 6 Amp
Propeller: GWS 4.5x4.0
Servo: 2.5g*2 micro servo 

Required to Fly:
Radio:4 or more channel capable of Elevon or other mixing
Receiver: 3 more channel 
Battery: 200-350mah  7.4v lipo 25c
Charger capable of charging LI-PO Lipo Battery 2 cell

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