Tech One RC 4 Channel SU-29 Indoor Aerobatic 3D EPP Kit Plane RC Remote Control Radio

Tech One RC 4 Channel SU-29 Indoor Aerobatic 3D EPP Kit Plane RC Remote Control Radio
Item# 02A-851-Su29-800mm-KIT

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Tech One has constantly been striving to achieve lighter weight and rigidity in their planes and the new EPP foam planes show off their latest ingenuity. 

The Tech One SU-29 is a purpose designed aerobatic aircraft. The plane is super light with a wingspan of 800mm. It is capable of extreme 3D and aerobatic maneuvers.

The Su-29 is constructed with 10mm EPP, some carbon fiber and fiberglass parts. The model weighs only 180-190 grams and flies as good as Depron 3D planes but is many times more durable than its Depron equivalents. The 10mm EPP foam frame is beautifully executed and delivered with an attractive color scheme that is clear and easy to see in flight.

The color scheme is simply innovative and unique, very "aggressive" and dynamic, but elegant too, with very intense colors. The fuselage and some other parts are painted on both sides, even where is milled.

This kit version is composed of EPP fuselage and wing parts, carbon rods, super lightweight fiberglass horns. The electronics such as motor, esc, servos, a radio system, battery, and charger are needed to complete the required electronics and finish the plane.

Product Specifications
Fuselage Length: 840mm (33.1in.)
Wingspan: 800mm (31.5in.)
Flying Weight: 180-190g (with battery)
Propeller: GWS 8x4 or 9x5
Radio System: Minimum 4 channel (Required not included)
Battery: 7.4v 2S 400mAh-500mAh LI-PO Lipo (Required not included)

Required to Fly:
4 Channel Transmitter 
4 Channel Receiver
Battery: 7.4v 2S 400-500mAh LI-PO Lipo 
Lithium Battery Charger
Servos: 6 - 8g micro servo *3pcs
Motor : AS2204 KV1700 or AT2206KV1500
ESC: 10Amp

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