Exceed RC Mini MadBeast 1/18 Scale Electric Monster Truck Ready to Run (Black/Silver) RC Remote Control Radio Car

  • Exceed RC  Mini MadBeast 1/18 Scale Electric  Monster Truck Ready to Run (Black/Silver) RC Remote Control Radio Car
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The Mini MadBeast is equipped with some serious performance bits that make this 1/18 scale truck a blast to drive. At just 10 inches in length this little monster truck will turn any living room or yard into a monster truck playground.

The Mini MadBeast is ready to run which means it is equipped with a 2.4ghz radio system for precise control of the vehicle. You also wont have to worry about "the other guy's" radio and if there will be radio interference. The 2.4ghz frequency jumping system allows this 2.4ghz radio system to stay connected and avoids interference which may cause you to loose control.

We mentioned performance in this little beast of a machine. The heart of the MiniBeast lies in a 370 high performance motor that distributes the muscle to pull this truck through tough obstacles. Sticky off-road treaded rubber tires mounted on light weight wheels allow the truck to find traction on laminated floors, carpet, grass, or dirt. Independent front and rear suspension allow the tires to maintain traction through varying terrain. The shaft driven 4 wheel drive system delivers power to all four corners providing outstanding handling character. No bushings are used in this truck, fully sealed ball bearings are installed in the hubs and steering mechanism for smooth and precise movement. From the list of performance bits you are now starting to understand that this little beast is not your average electronic retail store truck. It means serious business.

What about the power system Nope it does not come with the ancient nickel type battery. A 7.4v Lithium battery and charger enhances the power delivery and runtime allowing the truck to run faster, harder, and longer. It's a new era for radio control and this truck is just that. The only drawback is the difficulty in choosing which awesome paint color to go with.

Four-wheel independent suspension
Full sealed Ball bearing set 
One piece tie-rod
370 high performance motor
High efficiency steering servo
2.4GHz radio control (ESC and Receiver 2-1)
7.4V 1100mAh 15C LI-PO Lipo Battery
LI-PO Lipo Charger

Length:    230mm
Width:     170mm
Height:    110mm
Wheelbase: 160mm
Weight:    440g
Gear Ratio:  8.04

Required to Run:

The only thing you will need to get this truck running is 4 AA batteries.

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