Seaking-180A Brushless ESC for Boat  (Version 2.0)

Seaking-180A Brushless ESC for Boat  (Version 2.0)
Item# 07E-C-SEAKING-180A

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"SeaKing" series ESC is specially designed for boat, so it has the water-cooling system and the whole ESC is waterproof.


1.1 Output: Continuous current 180A, burst current 360A.
1.2 Input:
6-18 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-6 cells LiPo.?
1.3 BEC Output: 5.8V@3A?Switching mode built-in BEC.
1.4 Suitable Motor: Sensorless Brushless?Motor
1.5 External ?diameter of the water cooling pipe: 5.0mm
1.6?Size: 72mm(L) * 68mm(W) * 34mm(H).
1.7 Weight:?165
2?? Features
2.1?Use top quality electronic components?to enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC.?
2.2 Special designed for RC boat, with excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
2.4?With 2?running modes ("Forward"?mode and "Forward/Backward" mode).
2.5?Multiple?protection?features:?Low?voltage?cut-off?protection?for?lithium?or?nickel?battery?/?Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.??
2.6 With 8?steps?of?timing?adjustment,?compatible?with?all?kinds?of?sensorless?brushless?motors.
2.7 Swtching mode built-in BEC has a very powerful output even working with 6 cells lipo battery.
2.8 User programmable and compatible?with the pocket-sized?Digital LED?Program Card (Optional equipment)?to set the ESC easily.

3? Programmable Items

The italics texts in the following form are the default settings.
Note1:? The parameters in this line is available for Normal Voltage ESC (2 to 6 cells lipo)
Note2:? The parameters in this line is available for?High Voltage ESC (5 to?12 cells lipo)

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