Iron Track Shootout E8XBL 1:8 Scale RTR 4WD Brushless Buggy (Red) RC Remote Control Radio Car

  • Iron Track Shootout E8XBL 1:8 Scale RTR 4WD Brushless  Buggy (Red) RC Remote Control Radio Car
Item# 16C222-Red-RTR-24G

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The Shootout is Iron Track’s latest 1/8th scale electric 4 wheel drive off-road race buggy. It is based upon their class leading Firestorm nitro powered buggy. The raw power of the brushless motor and speed control system will even amaze the seasoned nitro buggy racer. Its instant acceleration, that only a high powered brushless system can provide, tears up the terrain. Top speed is smoking hot as the powerful 2075kv motor and brushless ESC takes full advantage of the optimized gearing engineered in the Shootout. This buggy is designed for blistering speed and ground shredding acceleration.

Taming all this power is done by the same reliable, high performance three differential drive-train. The suspension of the Shootout is optimized for electric power, and is closely related to the superb Firestorm platform. It features fully independent suspension front and rear with adjustable camber, roll center, toe, and many other tuning options. The high volume big bore oil filled shocks are also fully adjustable, allowing you to fine tune the buggies dampening characteristics.

The 2.4 GHz radio system means that you can get all your friends together and never have to worry about “interference” from other racers again. It is capable of adjusting throttle and steering trim. It also allows you to fine tune your throttle and steering inputs with dual-rate adjustments. Of course it also has channel reversing should you ever need it when changing out your speed controller or servo.
The Shootout enjoys all the benefits and convenience of electric power in one awesome, ready to race package. The 1/8 scale buggy class has been touted the “F1” of radio control racing and the Shootout lives up to that enormous claim. It also brings less complicated and more reliable operation than conventional nitro powered buggies. Simply charge your batteries, turn on you radio and start tearing up your local park or race track.

The Shootout will not disappoint with its list of feature like:

  • Hardened ionized materials are used for all joints and wheel axles. 
  • Ultra-tough, specially formulated plastic nylon materials are used 
  • Large adjustable big bore shock absorbers for better handing 
  • All hard ionized steel differential gears 
  • High speed ball bearings as standard 
  • All differential and suspension components are filled with high quality silicone oils. 
  • 4 wheel independent suspension system 
  • 11.1V 2700mah Li-po Battery

3674 2075kv Motor
S8A 80amp Brushless ESC
9KG Metal Geared Servo
11.1V 2700mah Li-Po Battery

Length: 487mm
Width: 306mm
Height: 204mm
Wheelbase: 326mm
Weight: 3.25kg
Gear Ratio: 11.3

Required to Run:
AA Batteries for Transmitter
2-3 cell Li-Po charger

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