1/24 Electric Radio Remote Control RC Short Course Trucks

Short course racing continues to be the fastest growing segment in RC as it draws in huge numbers of manufacturers making short course trucks. Short course racing is exhilarating, it's no demolition derby but full contact is allowed. The trucks are built tough and able to withstand large jumps and truck to truck battling. The excitement of short course racing is contributed to its rapid rise in popularity and RC–scale realism and fun. Short course trucks, unlike many other forms of radio control off-road racing, look just like full-size racing vehicles. They’re fun to bash and even more fun to race. With full fenders and ample bumper protection, these trucks can get physical out on the field without each bump causing a breakdown. NitroRCX offers many different sizes of short course trucks from many competitive manufacturers. Check out the Team Energy Line for all out, top of the line, out the box, race ready, short course vehicles.

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