1/18 Electric Radio Remote Control RC Truggies

The electric RC truggy is a favorite amongst RC racers. Light and agile, capable of on-road and off road excursions with adjustable wings for down force tuning. RC truggies generally have sleek body shells, higher ground clearance and larger wheels and tires catered to tarmac and off-road work. These truggies are generally truck version of a buggy. Longer wheelbase and wider track allows these truggies to smash through rough terrain better than buggies. These truggies feature longer suspension travel which can handle different types of terrain. These machines are fast and eager to blast through all sorts of surface conditions. Ready to run out of the box with different sizes to choose from. Race versions and base versions are also available. From small scale to large scale truggies, NitroRCX offers the right size machine for any environment.

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