1/18 Electric Drift Radio Remote Control RC Cars

Drifting is one of those sports that are so exciting to watch. Much skill is needed to keep that car hanging sideways while being in control of a car that seems out of control. If you don't want to bang up your real car and wish to practice the fundamentals of power sliding, throttle control, drift angle, and steering control. What better way to do it than a scaled down version of a real car? That's right, Radio Control drifting is where it is at. From entry level to race models NitroRCX brings you a large selection of drift vehicles to choose from. Shaft driven, belt driven, brushed, or brushless motors are choices for your perfect drift machine. Plenty of upgraded parts available and a whole lot of tires and wheel selection to personalize your vehicle. Ready to Run out of the box is the name of the game. Check em out now.

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