4-COLOR 12 Ultra Bright LED Lights w/ Indicator System (Ready-to-Install)

4-COLOR 12 Ultra Bright LED Lights w/ Indicator System (Ready-to-Install)
Item# 41P-LED-LightKit

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This LED light kit is loaded with features that will make any radio control vehicle that much more awesome! Light up the night with these lights and you?ll never lose orientation when the vehicle is far away. Install them on your drift car for sick looking drifts. Rock them on your Touring car and have night race sessions. Light up the trail in your crawler and venture out at dusk or dawn. Throw them in your Monster Truck and do flips in the air with style. These LEDs will be an great addition to any RC model, plane, boat, car, you name it, the application is endless. The included left and right amber LEDs flash when you initiate steering input on your transmitter. The bright white LED headlights strobe as you smash the throttle, even better the tail lights light a bright red when you hit the brakes! The install is a breeze as they hook up inline between your servos and receiver. Check out the features below:


Easy to install in mins.
Can be connected to receiver directly.
Low power consumption.
Light weight.

Items included:

LED Main Control Box
Y-cable * 2
5mm LED Light (∅4 White)
3mm LED Light (∅4 Orange)
5mm LED Light (∅2 Red)
5mm LED Light (∅2 Blue)

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