1/24 Scale Full Function 4WD R/C Series Drift Legend (Red)

1/24 Scale Full Function 4WD R/C Series Drift Legend (Red)
Item# 46-GT-400-Red

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The real drift remote control car, a top speed of up to 15KM.
Model Name:?Drift remote control car racing (four-wheel drive)
Model Size:?180mm * 75mm * 50mm
Package size:?270mm * 220mm * 100mm

Features and performance (full-function remote control drift car)
1:?a forward, backward, left and right switch to the basic functions (four-wheel drive), but also increase the drift function of dreams, the car using
3x No.5 batteries, remote control uses 2 xNo.5 batteries.?(NOT Included)
2:?Two-motor design, the minimum speed of 10KM, motors can always upgrade handling, car tires can be replaced at any time, and the supporting tire is the drift Edition (PS), comes with Road Edition (soft) of the set.
3:?This car is the latest escalation of the entire vehicle bearing
4:?Professional Drift Version
5:?Digital proportional R / C system .
6:?with electronic brake function digital proportional split DEH .
7:?The four-wheel drive with independent front and rear differential design .
8:?four-wheel independent suspension-type shock absorber system
9:?wheel drive adoption of CVD
Drift steps:
master slide:
1:?to turn the direction you want to turn.
2:?Press turned to health and hold tight to allow vehicles to move on.
3:?The body began to slide.
4:?to maintain the sliding condition, and to turn back to normal health
Practice Drift:
1:?First, start to accelerate from standstill to enter the drift in the drift of motion, press the arrow keys, then release, the body began to change when the pendulum with the pendulum turn directions, fast press shift, then release back to normal, repeated, they would have to make a wonderful circular motion drift.
2:?a higher level, playing eight characters drift
First be static state began to accelerate into the drift, drifting close to the tail circular motion, press the shift in the opposite direction of the circular motion drift, so that the basic completion of eight characters can drift the whole process.

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