Off Road Buggy Radio Car 1/10th 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Brushless PRO 2.4Ghz Electric SunFire RTR Off Road Buggy (BB Blue) RC Remote Control

  • Off Road Buggy Radio Car 1/10th 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Brushless PRO 2.4Ghz Electric SunFire RTR Off Road Buggy (BB Blue) RC Remote Control
Item# 51C802-PRO-BBBlue-24Ghz



The popular 1/10 scale four wheel drive electric powered off-road buggy has evolved into an exciting new platform. At each evolutionary step, the SunFire Brushless Pro has been improved upon to keep it at the peak of the buggy class. So how did Exceed make the SunFire Brushless Pro even better? The focus of our improvements was on increasing speed, more adjustability, and increasing durability. Now the updated SunFire Brushless Pro is packed with features that have been suggested by SunFire owners. There's more room for electronics, easier access to the differentials, more control over suspension adjustments, a more powerful programmable ESC, and sealed gears. Designed using the latest in Brushless technology, the result is nothing less than the best SunFire Brushless Pro ever.
The Brushless SunFire Pro is equipped with a 3-position adjustable wing which allows the driver to control the amount of down force being applied during driving. It is also equipped with aluminum threaded shock bodies which allows the preload of the springs to be quickly and easily tuned. The camber and toe are also easily adjusted through the use of aluminum turnbuckles on the steering linkages. These combined features allow the user to quickly and easily tune the suspension geometry on the  new Brushless SunFire Brushless platform.
The SunFire Brushless Pro is powered by a Sensorless Brushless Motor rated at 3300KV @ 12Turns and a programmable 60amp ESC, thatís capable of handling 4-7s Nickel batteries or 2 to 3s lipo capable (changing jumper is required). This new powertrain is easily capable of providing reliable and consistent power for extreme off-road driving. Best of all, the motor and transmission are both completely sealed to prevent dirt and grime from getting in and causing damage. This motor has been proven to be both  durable and reliable, making the new SunFire Brushless Pro a welcomed addition to the latest Exceed RC line.  With 24 exciting color schemes to choose from the SunFire Brushless Pro is sure to be a favorite for RC enthusiasts everywhere.


3-Position Adjustable Rear Wing
Adjustable Aluminum Shocks and Spring Preload
Adjustable Camber and Toe Turnbuckles
Aluminum Center Driveshaft 
Front/Rear Metal Differential Gears 
Suspension Arms With Adjustable Width
Adjustable Servo Saver
2.5mm Aluminum front and rear shock towers
Fully Enclosed Gearbox
Solid Aluminum Upper Deck
Step Pin Treaded Tires and Chrome Plated Rims
Four Wheel Drive System
Powerful 3300Kv Brushless Motor
Brushless Electronic Speed Controller w/ Built in Cooling Fan
8.4V 3000mAh Ni-MH Battery Power




400 MM

15.7 inch.


250 MM

9.8 inch.


160 MM

6.3 inch.


275 MM

10.8 inch.

Ground Clearance:

26 MM

1.02 inch.

Gear Ratio:


Diameter Of Wheel:

86*32 MM (F) 86*40 MM (R)

Suspension: Aluminum body shocks with threaded shock collars
Motor: Fully sealed sensor less brushless motor 3300KV 12Turn
ESC: Programmable 60amp ESC capable of 2 to 3s lipo capable (changing jumper is required) 4-7s NI-MH with cooling fan
Battery: 8.4v 3000mah NI-MH
Radio: 2.4ghz Exceed RC 2 channel radio system

Required to Run:
4 AA batteries for Transmitter


60amp ESC is rated for 4-7s Ni-Mh batteries or 2 to 3s lipo capable (changing jumper is required) Using a battery with higher voltage can damage esc or motor.

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