Radio Car 1/8 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Rally 8 .21 Nitro Gas Powered RTR Remote Control 4WD Rally Car Stripe Blue RC Remote Control

  • Radio Car  1/8 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Rally 8 .21 Nitro Gas Powered RTR Remote Control 4WD Rally Car Stripe Blue RC Remote Control
Item# 51C839-StripeBlue-24Ghz

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The Rally 8 by Exceed RC is a high quality top of the range model for serious racers. If you have had a 1/10th nitro model before and are ready to take the hobby to the next level then this is the model for you. If you compare the specs and features below to others nitro cars on the market you will see this model is awesome. With a powerful W/VX .21 engine, thick aluminium parts, polished aluminium pipe and a powerful 4WD suspension system, the features just go on and on. Every part and fitting has been carefully thought out to give maximum performance. This is a 1:8 scale model and is a lot chunkier than the 1:10 scale ones. Not really for beginners but if you are ready to take the next step in nitro models or are a patient beginner who wants a model they can go all the way with then they don't come much better than this! The model comes fully built with radio equipment included. The only things needed to use are normal aa batteries for the radio equipment (available from super markets etc), fuel and a glow start.

With the new design 2.4Ghz remote control pistol transmitter is every RC Car Driver dream to get their hands on a full-range 2.4Ghz system.

1.Four wheel drive system
2.Powerful Suspension arm with adjustable width
3.High quality main and diff. gears
4.6061/T6 anodized aluminum radio tray and chassis
5.Solid universal joint cups/High quality ball bearings complete
6.Large off road slight block tires and spoke wheel rims.
7.Disc brake system provides quick brake response
8.Extra large leak proof fuel tank with spring loaded fill cover and a long fuel pipe for quick re-fueling.
9.High flow duty foam air filter (Anodized aluminum capped cover is for optional use)
10.Polished exhaust pipe and manifold
11.6mm aluminum rear sway arm

? ?
RTR ?C factory assembled with installed engine and radio gear makes getting started easy The lightweight aluminum alloy chassis provides excellent performance and durability
Front & rear skid plates for impact protection Long stroke oil filled shocks with firm tuned springs keep the wheels on the ground
Complete set of ball bearings for low friction and durability High capacity fuel tank with perfect caliber makes it impossible to overflow and provides long run times
New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce the critical sprung weight and overall weight of the truck The new .21 engine features a new crankcase and upgrades to the cylinder, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft, delivers more power, more torque and extra cooling.



.21 W/VX


Front, Center, and Rear Geared Sealed Differentials

Gear Ratio

1:17.5 Single Speed

Drive System?

Four Wheel Drive

Radio System?

Two Channel AM Digital Controller



Height (Overall)




Front Tires?

Off Road Knobby

Rear Tires?

Off Road Knobby

Wheel Diameter?


Wheel Width


Differential Type?

Four Bevel Gear

Chassis Type?

2.5mm 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Brake Type?

Dual Steel Disc

Fuel Tank Capacity?


Suspension Type?

Aluminum Body, Oil Filled Shocks

Ground Clearance




Required to Run (NOT INCLUDED):
20%-25% Nitro Fuel
Glow Plug igniter
4 AA Batteries for Transmitter
4 AA Batteries for Receiver power pack

More Features & Pictures of the 1/8th

Quality Electronics and Aluminum Parts

Dish Wheel Rims - Pre-mount Off-Road Tires

Extra Large Fuel Tank w/ High Flow Air Filter Foam


Powerful .21 Engine with LARGE Heatsink

Polished Alumimun Exhaust Pipe/Manifold

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