1:5 Scale MadStone Crawler 2.4GHz Almost Ready to Run RC Remote Control Radio Car Waterproof Electronics

  • 1:5 Scale MadStone Crawler 2.4GHz Almost Ready to Run RC Remote Control Radio Car Waterproof Electronics
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The 1:5 scale almost ready to run Exceed RC MadStone Crawler was designed with bigger is better in mind. From the ground up, every detail was thought through to provide a excellent crawling platform level base kit to work with. Previously the only way to build a 1:5 scale sized rock crawler was to buy bits and pieces of several different kits here and there. This long and sometimes frustrating process could take as long as several months just to get the right parts together before you could even start the build. Now you can get a factory built chassis and be able to hit the rocks with your truck right out of the box.
The Rock Crawler embodies similar features to its smaller breeds. Multi-link suspension and axles provides articulation and power to all 4 wheels through locked axles and individual motors for each axle. This provides tremendous grip and torque and allows the truck to overcome any obstacle that it may meet its path. The links are adjustable so you can tune the crawlers stance, adjust its droop and characteristics for different types of terrain. An all aluminum chassis ensures rigidity and stiffness combined with durability. Oil filled, threaded, and adjustable shocks allow fine suspension tuning. A whole list of awesome features of this truck are listed below. This is Exceeds largest crawler to date and it is impressive!

Full ball bearing throughout whole vehicle
Multi-link suspension allows for smooth crawling
Four wheel driving provides tremendous grip for wheels 
Alloy lower suspension link bars with captured ends
Solid axle mount provides protection for front/rear shaft
High precision ESC w/ reverse function
The Exceed RC MadStone chassis is lightweight and stiff.
Advanced battery mounting design.
Axle -Mounted steering servo.
Dual High-torque 540 motors.
Advanced tire pattern provides best grip and balance.
Unique Aluminum Alloy twin vertical plate chassis design
Revolutionary multi-link crawler suspension design
Heavy duty special harden metal axles and axle shafts
Advanced aluminum alloy suspension links
Advanced locked differentials four wheel drive design
High performance heavy duty rock crawling servo
Waterproof Electronics

Length: 840mm 
Width: 436mm    
Height: 350mm  
Wheelbase: 620mm    
Gear Ratio: 1:48.155  
Motor: RC550*2    
Servo: 15KG (Waterproof)    
Wheels: 85*190mm    

Package Includes:

MadStone RC Rock Crawler (100% assembled)
Instruction Manual

Required to Run:
4 AA Batteries for Transmitter
2 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
Battery and charger (7.2v 1800-5000mah Ni-Mh Battery)

Note: 2 to 3s lipo capable (changing jumper is required)

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