Racing Radio Car 1/8Th Exceed RC Madbash Electric Brushless Racing Edition RTR Ready to Run Star Green RC Remote Control Short Course Truck

  • Racing Radio Car  1/8Th Exceed RC Madbash Electric Brushless Racing Edition RTR Ready to Run Star Green RC Remote Control Short Course Truck
Item# 52C79-RE-Madbash-StarGreen-Brushless

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If you are looking for a 1/8th Short Course Truck that you can race successfully at the highest level without any modifications then this is the perfect choice. This is the Exceed RC MadBash EP Brushless Short Course Truck, crammed with all the upgrades to make it a race winner. It is one of the highest spec Short Course Truck.

This massive 1/8 MadBash EP Brushless Short Course Truck comes with 540L Brushless Motor for speed of swiftness, twin 7.4v 3300mAh 20C Lipo Battery pack, polished aluminum chassis to provide clean look as well as sturdiness, and adjustable shocks to have perfect landing. The impressiveness of the MadBash EP can be seen right out of the box when examine at first glance from the well-built interior to the magnificent exterior designs. From the front bumper to the back bumper all pieces have been build to last. Included in the MadBash EP are aluminum chassis plate, and heavy duty metal gear steering servo so you donít have to worry about it breaking. Even the rims are now hardened chrome rims and colossal tires to triumph over the world. Use the MadBash EP to climb off road terrain, stony hills, rocky backyards, or wherever the road may take you. For the MadBash EP will lead the way to new standards for the RC world and conquer all.



  • FX-2 Sport Radio
  • Enclosed receiver box to protect electronic components
  • Convenient wire routing keeps critical electronic wires out of drive-train components and simplifies disassembly
  • Alloy steel Turnbuckles for quick adjustability and tuning
  • Dual Bell-crank steering for more consistent steering and reduced bump-steer on rough surfaces
  • 540L Brushless Motor and HobbyWing 80A-R Brushless ESC (Electric)
  • Carefully placed battery compartments and center mounted ESC platform and for balance (Electric)
  • Durable and thick hardened plastic suspension arms
  • Anodized 6061 3MM aluminum chassis plate
  • Anodized 4MM Front and Rear aluminum shock tower
  • Massive pre-glued 4.75" Tires mounted on hardened chrome wheels with 17mm hex hub
  • Silicon Fluid sealed Front, Center, and Rear hardened and coated steel gear differentials
  • Heavy duty metal geared steering servo
  • Adjustable 16MM Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks
  • Anodized Aluminum Chassis plate stiffeners
  • Anodized Aluminum differential plates
  • Anodized Aluminum Steering arm
  • Multi-piece adjustable anti roll bar front and rear
  • Full Sealed Ball Bearing Set
  • Front Constant Velocity Driveshaft (CVD)
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Roll Center
  • Length: 560mm
    Track Width: 300mm
    Height: 205mm
    Wheelbase: 323mm

 1 x MadBash EP
 1 x Radio Control System
 1 x 80A brushless ESC with fan (pre-installed)
 1 x 540L brushless motor with fan, 2150KV (pre-installed)
 2 x 3300mah/7.4V 20C Lipo battery pack
 1 x Instruction manual
No LiPo-Charger is included.





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