Mini WIFI IP Spy Camera (White) 78P-301-Wifi-IP-Cam-White

  • Mini WIFI IP Spy Camera (White) 78P-301-Wifi-IP-Cam-White
Item# 78P-301-Wifi-IP-Cam-White

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This portable multifunction camera is loaded with features! This camera has the ability to be controlled via a free downloadable app called Myanycam. Through this app you can control all functions of the camera. Use it to record your commute, use it to monitor the baby in the room next door with sound, or capture and monitor other activities. This app has the ability to control up to 4 cameras at a time. You can have a security system at your finger tips. This quality camera system has tons of features that will let you capture every moment and deliver live feed to your mobile device.

Anyka Solution
*Mini Size Camcorder
* 720P HD WIFI Mini Audio IP Camera
* Built-in Lithium Battery, which lasts 1 hours
* Professional quality HD video & 5MP Photos
* Automatic Loop cycle recording
* Cloud Service, mobile access, two way voice
* WPS function
*Push to call=>Just press the ?WPS? button once and then talk to the smart phone online
* Two-way-audio=> Talk with the camera by the smart phone or pad
* P2P Technology: Built-in WIFI Hot
* Waterproof case available

Available on Google Play and APP Store

Video quality HD
web browser support: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, on a PC or Mac
Ethernet interface enabled: Format H.264
Microphone: yes
Speaker: yes
motion detection: yes
Night vision: no
P2P: yes, WPS/QSS one key connection with router
Remote access: yes
Remote playback: yes
Audio: two way audio
Push button call: Just press the WPS button once and then talk to the smartphone on line
External memory card slot: up to 32GB,save the HD files in the card
Cycle recording video
Alert recording video
360 ? bracket can set in anywhere (Relee's patent for the bracket)

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