Pet Cam Pets View HD Camera (Red) 78P-502-Pet-Cam-BB-Red

  • Pet Cam Pets View HD Camera (Red) 78P-502-Pet-Cam-BB-Red
Item# 78P-502-Pet-Cam-BB-Red

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View from the eyes from your pet! See how your pet views the world. This camera has a built-in power supply (lithium-ion battery), you can record sound and video, or capture thousands of photos.

Every pet owner is often curious about their pets see or do when they are alone. With this camera, pet owners can observe what their pets are seeing or doing even if they are not around!

Their leisurely life at a glance. For those who want to know everything about pet behavior, this is an essential equipment.

The camera supports video recording time. The LCD screen can display capture information and the remaining capacity on storage card. A USB cord allows the transfer of files to your computer. A micro SD card slot allows storage expansion.


LCD Display Five Digital“88888+ICON” Monochrome LCD Display
Image sensor 0.3 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor     
Still Image Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixels (1280×1024) ,0.3 Mega Pixels (1280×1024)
Image File Format JPG         
Video Resolution (640*480)Pixels @30fps,(320*240)Pixels @30fbs  
Video File Format AVI                 
Build-in Microphone YES           
Support TF Card up to 32GB  Max
USB 2.0    
Power Source Lithium 220MA       
Power life more than 1.5 Hours         
Dimensions / Weight 55*43*20MM

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