Dimension GT3X AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system 79P-107-GT3X-3CH-Remote-Green

  • Dimension GT3X AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system 79P-107-GT3X-3CH-Remote-Green
Item# 79P-107-GT3X-3CH-Remote-Green

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Introducing the new Dimension GT3X AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system. This sleek radio system features excellent ergonomics and design. The Transmitter uses proven channel hopping technology to provide reliable link for RC Cars & Boats. The Dimension GT3X features a Back-lit LCD, quick access wheel for function selection and programming. The radio has an abundance of features and settings such as 10 Model memory, a host of programming features and compatibility with the proven FS-A3 3 Channel receiver. The steering wheel has great response with the perfect amount of resistance and spring back to center perfectly. The foam grip around the wheel will ensure your fingers do not slip if they are covered in dirt or oil. The combination of features and reliability means the Dimension GT3X could be the last radio you will ever need to get!

Transmitter Specs:
Channels: 3 
Channel resolution: 1024 steps
Power supply: 6v (1.5V AA x 4)
Low voltage warning:? <4.2v Red LED will flash
4.2 - 4.5v Red
4.6 íV 5v Orange
5 íV 6v Green
<3.2v Buzzer goes off to alarm

Receiver Specs:
Channels: 3 
RF receiver sensitivity: -105dBm;
Modulation: GFSK
System type: AFHDS
Channel resolution: 1024 steps
Bind port: yes
Power port: yes(VCC)
Power: 4.0 íV 6.5VDC
Weight: 13g
Antenna length: 26mm
Size: 45*23*9mm
Color: transparent grey
Certification: CE, FCC.

Programing Options:
10 Model memory
Sub Trim
Servos NOR/REV
Anti-lock brakes
EXP Setting
EPA Settings
Dual Rates

Dimension GT3X Transmitter
Dimension FS-A3 3 Channel receiver
RX Antenna Tube
Bind Plug
User Manual

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