Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro Drift Car Ready to Run with Dimension GT3X AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System 1/10 Scale RC Remote Control Radio Car

  • Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro Drift Car Ready to Run with Dimension GT3X AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System 1/10 Scale RC Remote Control Radio Car
Item# 88C216-X10DR-ProDrift-RTR-24G

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The Team Energy X10 belt drive chassis is built for high performance and speed. Whether you are racing at home, at your local club, or bashing, the X10 platform will deliver exceptional handling capabilities. The belt drive chassis is smooth in its power delivery while the G10 upper and lower chassis plates provide extreme light weight for precise handling. Anodized aluminum threaded shock bodies allow for quick pre-load suspension tuning, while the oil filled shocks and premium cut pistons provide bump and shock absorption and body roll control. The fully tunable suspension and drive train allow you to adjust camber, toe, roll center, steering ackerman, and differential tightness.

Quality drifting requires precision driving to consistently challenge the line between control and chaos. This X10DR Pro Drift chassis is packaged with drifting in mind. Special drift tires allow the X10DR to break traction and hold extreme drift angles. A one way front and geared rear differential deliver proper torque and power for drifting. The brushless 3300KV motor is supported by an 50A brushless electronics speed controller to deliver efficient current. An included 7.4v 3900mah 25c discharge lithium battery ensures premium power delivery and longer run times.

Team Energy knows that even a great chassis cannot be experienced if it is not tied together with the proper radio system. They hooked up the ready to run package with the all new GT3X fully proportional 2.4ghz radio. The radios ergonomic design and lightweight is easy to use and user intuitive. The transmitter has a main scroll wheel to easily navigate menu items such as dual rate and exponential settings, which are essential to proper vehicle handling and fine tuning of the steering servo. The 2.4ghz Automatic Frequency Hopping System (AFHDS) allows the transmitter to always be in direct connection with the vehicle while ignoring other radio signals and conflicts.

The ultimate complete package is what Team Energy has created. 2.4ghz radio, race prepped fully adjustable chassis, brushless power system, lithium polymer battery, and stylish body. It is all complete in a ready to run system.

- Dual belt drive system
- Fully Independent suspension
- Race Car tuning
- Powerful brushless system
- Ready to Run with GT3X Radio
- G10 Lightweight chassis
- Oil filled coil-over shock absorbers
- Droop screws for race tune
- Precise center mounted bell crank steering
- Drift tires and tuner wheels
- Complete ball bearing set for rotating parts
- Adjustable turnbuckles for fine tuning
- Adjustable body posts
- Adjust shock mounting with carbon suspension towers

Required to Run
Lipo Charger
4 AA Batteries

************************* BATTERY CHARING INSTRUCTIONS *****************************
To fully charge the battery, please charge the car battery for 12 hours first time.
After the initial charge of 12 hours, each charge after that is 4 hours long.

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