Traxxas TQ 2.4G 4-Ch Radio Tx/Rx (No Servos)

Traxxas TQ 2.4G 4-Ch Radio Tx/Rx (No Servos)
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Product Description

For years, hobbyists have counted on the reliable long-range operation and all-day comfort and balance of Traxxas’ TQ™ radio systems.

Now the TQ series is joined by the TQ 2.4GHz, which brings the convenience of crystal-free operation to your R/C experience. The transmitter and receiver are digitally “linked” for glitch-free long-range operation without the need to monitor channels or frequencies. The 2.4GHz circuitry automatically locates and locks onto an open frequency each time you switch it on.

The TQ 2.4GHz also features failsafe circuitry for total protection against signal loss, even if the transmitter batteries are depleted or the radio is accidentally switched off. In the event of signal loss or interference, the throttle channel returns to the neutral setting. The 4-channel transmitter includes a two-position third channel switch and 3-position fourth channel switch for full compatibility with Traxxas models equipped with reversing transmissions and T-Lock™ differentials. The additional channels are also perfect for operating scale functions, rear-steer options, and other custom controls in any R/C model.

Backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty and total Traxxas support.

Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Radio System Features
  • Automatically locates and locks onto an open channel when you switch it on, with no need to carry crystals or select channels
  • Four-channel receiver with two steering servo inputs for dual-servo use
  • Micro-size receiver fits easily into any model, weighs just 11 grams
  • Built-in programmable failsafe
  • Comfortable TQ case design
  • Worry-free long range control
  • Traxxas reliability and support