Exceed Racing Electric Powered Fiberglass Shark 650EP Boat KIT

  • Exceed Racing Electric Powered Fiberglass Shark  650EP Boat KIT
Item# 99B-10021-650-EP-KIT

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Engine, Electronics and Muffler Does Not Included in KIT Package! For illustration purpose ONLY!!

Item # 10021


600mm (23.62 inches)

Beam: 165mm (6.49 inches)
Height 80mm (3.14 inches)
Weight: 1150g (40.56 oz)
Hull Type: Fiberglass Mono 1 Step Bottom
Propeller: Carbon-reinforced plastic D36*P1.4 3-blade
Driveline: Solid with Flexible Joint Drive
Hardware: CNC Aluminum Strut and Rudders
ESC: (Required) 70A
Radio (Required) 2 channel, 1 servo
Motor  (Required) 2858-4122KV water-cooled brushless
Weight Added (Required) 60g Pb for Auto Stable
Battery (Required)

7.4v 4500-5400mAh LiPo

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