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Exceed Racing FiberGlass SPIDER 26CC Gas Powered ARTR Almost Ready to Run Speed Boat (Red)

Exceed Racing FiberGlass SPIDER 26CC Gas Powered ARTR Almost Ready to Run Speed Boat (Red)
Item# 99B-12008-SP-1300-GS260-ARTR-RED

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Speed across the water with the Exceed Racing Spider 26cc Speed Boat. The hull design is F1 inspired and allows this ship to speed across the water. The power boat has cylinder head sockets for heater plugs, and full throttle indicator to regulate fuel intake. Water cooling systems are implemented into the boats design to keep the boat engine cool when running in extreme conditions.

This boat possesses massive cool factor.  The sheer size of this boat, its speed, combined with the quality of its amazing paint work makes peoples jaws drop. The hull is constructed carefully by hand laid light weight fiberglass combined with tough epoxy resin to provide rigidity and reduce flex which improves handling and speed characteristics.

The boat comes complete with a strong plywood stand making pit work and engine maintenance easy. Equipped with a 2 stroke motor, starting is as simple as checking the needles settings, verifying correct fuel mixture, and pulling the cord to listen to that tuned pipe thump.

The boat is 90% ready to race right out of the box, the only required electornics left to install is batteries to power the receiver, and transmitter.

Scale Fiberglass Speed Race Boat 
Powerful 26cc Balanced 2 Stroke Petrol Water Cooled Motor  
Powerful Side Carburetor 
Ball Raced Flexible Shaft Drive 
Easy Pull Start 
Polished Factory Tuned Rear Exhaust and Header 
New Centrifugal Clutch for easy launching and retrieving 
Complete Fiberglass Hull Construction 
Aluminum Deep Rudder with Water Pickup for cooling 
Polished Chopper Propeller 
Race Spec Oversize Polycarbonate Fuel Tank
Almost Ready To Race



1150mm (45.27 inches)


430mm (16.92 inches)


250mm (9.84 inches)


6000g (211.64 oz)


D79*P1.4 or D78*P1.4

Radio (Required)

2 channel, 2 servo


26cc GS260M Engine with clutch

Fuel (Required)

Gasoline ( 2-cycle engine oil)

Hull material:

Fiberglass ( FRP )

Required to Run:
Mixture of 1:25 2 Stroke oil and 91 or better Octane Fuel.
Transmitter and Receiver package (Radio System)

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