25 x 25 x 10mm 7.2G High Voltage Fan for Car ESC

Item# 07E-Fan-9904

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Input: 5V/0.16A, 7.2V Max; 4-5cells NiMH/NiCd or 2 cells LiPo
Size: 25mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 10mm(H).
Weight: 7.2g

How to Use

You need to choose different cooling fan in different applications.
For 4-6 Cell NiMhNiCd/: You needn't change the normal voltage cooling fan coming with the ESC;
For 7-9 Cell NiMh/NiCd: You must change the fan because it cannot work with such a high voltage, so please choose a high voltage fan or supply the fan from the receiver (+6V);
For 10-12 Cell NiMh/NiCd: You must choose a high voltage fan, and cut the output of the built-in BEC, then supply the receiver with an UBEC (An additional external DC-DC regulator);

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