Nitro ATV

If you are looking to participate in some RC off-road excitement, the Exceed Outlaw Quad RTR - Nitro Offroad RC Quad will deliver that and more. Just a real ATV, this vehicle will climb rocks, obstacles and race around and give other nitro RC cars and trucks a run for their money.

The rider on your ATV is a real eye catcher and the entire quad is a 1/10 size of the real deal with just as much power. If you want to race this Quad, you'll find it zips fast around the track and the wheels really hug the pavement. Best of all, the designers thought of everything that RC vehicle owners wind up doing for their RC ATVs, the manufacturer even glues the wheels on this ATV so you won't have to.

If you just enjoy running your RC ATV off-road. Set up an obstacle course and take your RC ATV over rocks and other obstacles. For a little more extreme fun, you can build a ramp and jump your RC ATV. Have a contest with a friend and see who can jump the farthest. Bring your Nitro fuel bottle with you when you're out running your Exceed RC Nitro ATV Quad, you'll probably run out of fuel before you're ready to call it a day when you're having this much fun with your RC ATV.

Fans of the Kawasaki style ATVs will be impressed with this smaller scale quad and its ability to keep up on the track with the other nitro RC cars and trucks. If you want a fun RC vehicle that will run on a track, parking lot or off-road with ease, add an RC ATV to your Nitro RC vehicle collection!

Exceed-RC OUTLAW 1/10 Scale "Yellow" R/ C Nitro Powered 4WD Off-Road ATV .18 Engine
Regular Price: $399.95
Sale price: $169.00
Out of stock
Exceed Outlaw 1/10 Scale ATV Quad Radio Remote Control Nitro Gas Offroad RC Car .18 Engine
Regular Price: $399.95
Sale price: $169.00
Out of stock
Exceed-RC Nitro Powered Outlaw "Blue" 1/10 Scale 4WD Radio Remote Control RTR RC ATV Car .18 Engine
Regular Price: $399.95
Sale price: $169.00
Out of stock
Exceed-RC 1/10 Scale "Green" OUTLAW R/ C Nitro Powered 4WD Off-Road ATV .18 Engine
Regular Price: $399.95
Sale price: $169.00
Out of stock

NitroRCX Essential Products

1080P Car Camera with NTK96220 chip
Regular price: $59.92
Sale price: $39.95

Mini Action Camera Full 1080P HD
Regular price: $104.92
Sale price: $69.95

Out of Stock
720P HD Car DVR camera with LCD monitor
Regular price: $32.95
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Electric Starter for 1/10th and 1/8th Exceed-RC Nitro RC Cars
Regular price: $69.15
Sale price: $39.95

1/10th Hi-Torq Starter Box
Regular price: $60.00
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Fly Sky FS-iT4 4 Channel 2.4ghz Telemetry Radio System w/ Touchscreen (Titanium)
Regular price: $437.80
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8-Pack AA 2200mAh NiMH Rechargerable Battery
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1/8 RacingSpike/Blue Spoke Tires  for 1/8 Buggy
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Aluminum Ni-MH 1800mAh 1.2V Glow Starter w/ meter (Gold)
Regular price: $13.00
Sale price: $7.50

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