Aerosky X350 Quadcopter GPS 2.4ghz Ready to Fly Drone RC Remote Control Radio 05H533-X350-RTF-24G

  • Aerosky X350 Quadcopter GPS 2.4ghz Ready to Fly Drone RC Remote Control Radio 05H533-X350-RTF-24G
Item# 05H533-X350-RTF-24G

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The X350 is Aerosky's newest drone design. Aerosky has proven to be a top competitor in producing excellent aircrafts while being cost effective and delivering high value. The X350 Quad is no exception. The X350 competes with top tier rigs of this class, delivering smooth and stable flight and equipped with all the right features out of the box. This X350 is a serious competitor and Aerosky has done an excellent job to create a sensational quad with awesome features. 

The X350 comes ready to fly with a Aerosky 2.4ghz transmitter system and a 11.1v 2800mah LiPo Battery. Not only does it come with the essential items required to fly the drone, but it is also equipped with flight enhancing systems such as GPS, Return Home function, altitude sensor with altitude hold, self stabilization mode, and built in failsafe modes.
The Aerosky X350 will never get lost with its GPS and auto pilot system. With the assistance of GPS, the X350 is fully capable of returning to its starting point on auto pilot. To activate the GPS home function all you need to do is hit a switch on the transmitter. If you happen to run out of range or experience interference, the X350 will return home on its own without any radio input. 

The X350 is also equipped with an enhanced altitude sensors which utilizes onboard GPS technology allowing satellite recognition and performing location tracking which allows the X350 to hover at precise altitudes. 

This ready to fly machine comes feature packed and is a joy to fly. All the flight enhancing systems makes piloting this machine almost feel like cheating. The system takes over and rewards you with smooth stable flight. Want to get risky? Flip a switch to disable the system and you are in full manual control. The quad also comes with a aluminum and carbon camera cradle designed to fit a GoPro type camera for aerial cinematography.  

Easy to Fly
Altitude Hold
GPS Position Hold
Point of Interest
Return to Location/Home
Failsafe Return Home
Headless Mode
Follow Me (Telemetry Module Required)
Set Waypoints and Create Flight Plan (Telemetry Module Required)

Motor:4pcs x 2312 KV1000 motor
ESC :4pcs x 20A Brushless ESC
Battery :11.1V 2800mAh 20C LI-PO Lipo
Transmitter Battery:4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Radio System:7CH Radio,7CH Receiver ,2.4GHZ
Propeller:4pcs x 8045 Propeller
Power Input:11.1V(3S Li Po)
Maximum Tilt Angel:35?
Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity:200?/s
Hovering Accuracy:Vertical: 0.5m Horizontal: 2m
GPS and Flight Controller (Included)???????????

Rotor Distance:350MM
Flight Time: Approx 8-10 minutes
Flight Weight:< 1000g
Operating Environment Temperature: ?????????? -10℃-50℃
Power Consumption:? 3.12W
Weight (Battery & Propellers Included):??????? <1000g
Payload: 350g (Recommend), 500g (Max)
Hover Accuracy (Ready To Fly Version):????? Vertical: 0.5m Horizontal: 2m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity:? 200?/s
Max Tiltable Angle:??? 35?
Max Ascent / Descent Speed: 3m/s
Max Flight Speed:????? 10m/s
Diagonal Motor-Motor Distance:?????? 350mm
GPS inside?????

Battery Type:? 3S LiPo,2800mAh,20c
Battery Cells:? 3S
Battery Capacity:??????? 2800mAh
Battery Discharge Rate:????????? 20C

Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz? iSM
Channel: 7 Channel
Communication Distance: (Open Area)????????? 1000m
Receiver Sensitivity: (1%PER)?????????? > -100dBm
Transmitter Power:????? <20dBm
Working Voltage:?????? 52mA @ 6V
AA Battery (NO.5):??? 4pcs (Not INCLUDED)

Note: 3 cell lipo balance charger is required

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