Iron Track Katana 1:10 Scale 4WD Brushless Truggy Ready to Run (Red) RC Remote Control Radio Car

  • Iron Track  Katana 1:10 Scale 4WD Brushless Truggy Ready to Run (Red) RC Remote Control Radio Car
Item# 16C555-Red-RTR-24G

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The Iron Track Katana four wheel drive brushless truggy is totally transformed. If you thought the brushed version was fast. This brushless system will make your palms and fingers sweat! Injecting the revolution of electric motor and power systems to this truggy results in a 45 amp programmable waterproof electronic speed controller and a torquey 3215kv brushless motor all juiced by a 7.4v 2000mah Lithium Polymer battery with an impressive 30C continuous and 50C burst rating. The Katana is equipped with all the quality features you would expect from a hobby grade radio control car. High performance front and rear differentials and an aluminum center drive shaft ensure maximum power transfer and superb reliability from the powerful brushless power system. Adjustable width suspension arms and oil filled shocks provide the plush terrain taming response to allow maximum control during high speeds. The steering servo supports more than 6 pounds of torque to allow precise corning and the ability to hold that drift or line when you?re smashing on that throttle. The 2.4ghz dedicated receiver and transmitter systems allows precise control and tenability. Throttle and steering dual rates allow you to get comfortable with the increase in power and speed along with throttle and steering trims to get the car tracking precisely. You can tame a variety of terrain with this truggy. The wide knobby tires allow the rubber to grip at any surface with ease. The pre-cut and pre-painted body allows you to run your truggy as soon as you get the battery charged. This extreme Iron Track Katana is ready for action. Be prepared to be blown away by the speed. ?

The model comes fully built with everything you need to get going apart from four AA batteries for the transmitter. We have not been this excited about a new model for a long time and you will know why when you hit the throttle for the first time and see it pop a little wheelie before taking off at such a crazy speed.


Katana Features:
2.4ghz dedicated receiver
2.4ghz transmitter
Direct axle power transfer
Powerful 540 sized 3215kv Brushless Motor
45A programmable waterproof Brushless ESC
7.4v 2000mah 30C Continuous 50C Burst LI-PO Lipo Battery
Pre-Cut Pre-Painted Body
3kg/6.6lbs Steering Servo
Robust Front and Rear differentials
Adjustable Width Suspension Arm
Aluminum Center Transmission Shaft

Length: 432mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 144mm
Wheelbase: 296mm


Required to Run:
Four AA batteries
2-3 Cell LI-PO Lipo Battery Charger


45amp ESC is rated for 4-7s Ni-Mh batteries or 2s Lithium polymer. Using a battery with higher voltage can damage esc or motor.

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